Sir John Charles Robinson

1824 – 1913

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All of the etched works of Sir J.C. Robinson are now rare. During his lifetime, few of Robinson’s prints were ever offered for sale to the general public, the majority being privately distributed solely amongst the artist’s personal friends.

Contemporary and close friend of Sir Francis Seymour Haden, Sir J.C. Robinson was concerned primarily with the depiction of atmospheric effects of weather. Like Haden he was a wealthy gentleman artist who did not need to depend on an income from his art, yet he was an etcher of outstanding skill and innovative approach. It is only due to the fact that Robinson kept his rare work within his personal circle, rather than publishing and selling his etchings, that he is not far better known today. Connoisseurs have always regarded this accomplished printmaker’s atmospheric works as amongst the finest etchings of their period. Indeed, K.M. Guichard remarked “his realisation of some of the fleeting poetical visions of nature has in the best of his plates not been surpassed in the British School.” (British Etchers, p.56-57).