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Stephen F. Gooden

  1892 – 1955
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Pekingese No.1

Pekingese No.1   1934

Original line engraving.

Extremely rare unpublished line engraving. One of only three or four proof impressions ever printed from this plate. Inscribed in pencil “To Derrick, Sept.17 1941”.


The Rider on the Lion sold

The Rider on the Lion   1924

Original line engraving.

Exceptionally fine impression from the only edition of 100 signed proofs.
This remarkable work was Stephen Gooden’s first engraving to be published as an independent plate.


Bookplate of J.N. Hart

Bookplate of J.N. Hart   1923

Original line engraving.

Very fine impression of the completed image. Stephen Gooden's earliest recorded bookplate.


Satyrs sold

Satyrs   1937

Original line engraving.

Very fine signed proof impression with crisp clarity of line as issued by the Print Collectors’ Club, with the Club’s monogram in the plate. From the only edition of 109 signed proofs. This engraving was designed and issued as an independent print.


Tailpiece sold

Tailpiece   1936

Original line engraving.

Brilliant signed presentation proof impression in the second state of the plate, with the image completed, but before the addition of some long hairs under the nostrils of the lion.



Stephen Gooden was the leading exponent of the re-introduction of original line engraving to England during the 1920’s. He produced few independent engravings, the main body of his work being book illustrations for the private presses and privately commissioned bookplates. His most famous bookplate was engraved as the private plate for the English Royal Family.