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Gwen Raverat

1885 - 1957

Scandal by Gwen Raverat

Scandal   1923

  Original wood engraving.
Signed and titled in pencil.
Ref: SN.115
S 89 x 111 mm; I 75 x 101 mm
Signed proof impression of this marvellously incisive work - a proof aside from the published edition of 40 impressions. Gwen Raveratís ability to observe every small nuance of behaviour is demonstrated to the full in this beautifully executed wood engraving, with its children straining after distractions as two women pass salacious details to one another across a park bench.

Gwen Raverat adopted a simple yet striking style of wood engraving technique which did not depend upon the detail and pattern of lines obtained through the use of the tint tool. Rather, she concentrated upon the use of stark contrast with only simple shading to create stylish designs of perceptive intensity such as this striking image of Scandal.

On fine simile-Japan paper with margins as prepared by the artist herself. Very fine original condition.