Sir William Russell Flint

1880 – 1969

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Sir William Russell Flint has achieved lasting fame for his unrivalled scenes of Spanish women and for his depiction of the female nude. His ability as a skilled printmaker is often overlooked by the avid collectors of the mass-produced photographic reproductions of his work. Indeed, for a short period of time in recent years the depressingly high prices paid for the faded photographic reproductions of this highly accomplished artist’s watercolours eclipsed even his fine original achievements in drypoint.

Sir William Russell Flint’s drypoints were produced in relatively small editions (usually between 50 and 135 impressions) and unlike the photographic reproductions, they represent the artist’s own, original handiwork. In the past few years realisation of the importance of these hand-made drypoints has increased dramatically and they are, once again, keenly sought by serious collectors of original prints.