Mary Annie Sloane

1867 - 1961

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Born in Leicester in 1867, the painter and printmaker Mary Anne Sloane was trained in etching and engraving techniques by Sir Hubert von Herkomer at his School of Art at Bushey. M.A.Sloane lived for many years in Enderby, Leicestershire, but later moved to London, where she became close friends with both Sir Frank Short and his assistant at the Royal College of Art, Constance Mary Pott.

Mary Anne Sloane's work illustrates the transition from the art of the Victorian era to that of modern British etchings. Her elaborate early works reflect the traditional Victorian approach embodied in Herkomer's teaching, whilst her later, more open drypoints show an almost complete shift towards the light, freely worked style typical of early twentieth-century prints.

M.A.Sloane was fascinated by the traditional craft of weaving, practised in her home town of Enderby, and she recorded this increasingly uncommon skill in a number of her finest etched works.

Few of Mary Sloane's etchings and drypoints were ever published in any formal edition. All of the impressions offered on this site are from the artist's personal collection and all are either her own working proofs, or her finest completed proof impressions.

Mary Annie Sloane died on November 30th 1961.