Charles S. Klabunde

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The Nebraska-born artist Charles S. Klabunde is one of the most talented original printmakers to be using traditional methods in America today. A fiercely independent spirit, this intriguing artist has invented a fantastic world of dreamscapes, influenced by early northern European art in the tradition of Hieronymus Bosch. Charles Klabunde himself describes his art as being an expression of existential realism, rather than fantasy, as much of his art concerns the representation of the spirit world and giving form to disturbing unconscious emotions. Whether Symbolist or fantasy, his work is remarkable for its imaginative content and his etchings are to be found in many of the major museums and private collections around the world.

Charles S. Klabunde uses four separate hand-engraved or etched copper plates to print his multiple coloured images using the four-colour process. Thus, each plate is assigned a separate colour of yellow, magenta, cyan or black, and the plates are overprinted to produce the full spectrum in a gently blurred fusion of colour.