Charles Francois Daubigny

1817 - 1878

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Charles Francois Daubigny is famed for his work as a plein air landscape artist – he worked from nature, aiming to achieve the closest possible reality in conveying the impression of the open air and the natural effects of light. A friend of Corot and much admired by Monet, Charles Francois Daubigny spent a great deal of his time in and around the Barbizon area. Indeed, Charles Francois Daubigny forms a link between the Impressionists and their predecessors in the Barbizon School through both his personal connections and the style of his artistic achievements.

The most accomplished of the Barbizon etchers, Charles Francois Daubigny began etching in the 1830’s; however, it was during the 1860’s, when his reputation was at its height, that he produced his greatest works as an original printmaker.