Wendela Boreel

1895 – 1985

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Wendela Boreel was one of the most talented pupils of Walter Sickert, whom she had met whilst training at the Slade School. Greatly impressed by Boreel’s natural talent, Sickert established her in a studio in Mornington Crescent where she would paint each morning, and then visit him for instruction in the following afternoon. Wendela Boreel became what was known as Sickert’s ‘petit negre’, assisting his every need. Walter Sickert imparted every aspect of his artistic principles and techniques to his young scholar. In particular, Sickert taught Wendela Boreel the skills of etching and her etched works reflect the remarkable extent to which she had absorbed every aspect of her revered master’s style.

The relationships which developed between Walter Sickert and a number of his lady pupils are well documented and although Wendela Boreel is known to have worshipped him, she declined his proposal of marriage on their considerable difference in age.