Sylvia Gosse

1881 Ė 1968

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The delicate and skilful etchings of Sylvia Gosse display a remarkable similarity of style with those of her master and colleague Walter Sickert. Indeed, Sylvia Gosse absorbed Sickert's etching technique to the full; however, the sensitive etched studies which she made of her friends and neighbours going about their daily lives have an air of gentle intuition which is quite distinct from Sickertís works.

Sylvia Gosse first came into contact with Walter Sickert in 1910 and remained a close collaborator and supporter for the rest of her life. She printed a large number of Sickertís plates and helped to run the art school which he started. Much of our knowledge of Walter Sickert is derived from Sylvia Gosseís memories of her close friend and colleague, and from the correspondence which the two artists maintained.