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Charles West Cope

  1811 Ė 1890
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Meditation   1844

Original etching.

Excellent impression of this scarce original etching by Charles West Cope. From the only edition, as published in 1844 for the scarce Etching Club folio entitled Etchíd Thoughts.


The Spring Flood

The Spring Flood   1858

Original etching.

Early working proof impression, prior to the removal of the faint etched date beneath the image and prior to the numeral at the upper right corner.

Working proofs of this nature by C.W. Cope, or for that matter by any member of the Etching Club, are exceptionally rare.


Miltonís Dream of his Deceased Wife sold

Miltonís Dream of his Deceased Wife   c.1850

Original etching.

Superb impression with rich luminosity and clear, crisp line. From the only published edition, as issued in 1857 by the Etching Club.

Copeís masterpiece in the medium. C.W. Cope was one of the founder members of the Etching Club - Miltonís Dream of his Deceased Wife is one of the most poetic etchings to come from this elite group, evoking all that is embodied in the work of Samuel Palmer and the ĎAncientsí. In particular, this work recalls Edward Calvertís masterpiece of wood engraving, The Chamber Idyll of 1831.



C.W. Cope was one of the founder members of the Etching Club, the body of artists which dominated the art of original etching during the early Victorian period. He was a close and lifelong friend of Samuel Palmer, and was the principal instigator in introducing Palmer to the art of etching. [more]