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Miles Edmund Cotman

  1810 – 1858
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Postwick Grove sold

Postwick Grove   c.1832

Original etching.

Brilliant, pencil signed proof impression with crisp, sparkling line. Prior to the published edition issued by Charles Muskett in 1846.
Signed proofs by Miles Edmund Cotman are extremely rare.



Miles Edmund Cotman was trained as an artist by his father, John Sell Cotman. He worked alongside his father from the early years of his youth, being appointed as his father’s official assistant in the capacity of Drawing Master at King’s College School, London. He succeeded to the post of Senior Drawing Master upon his father’s death. Their styles are extraordinarily similar – indeed, they are so close that father and son produced successfully a number of jointly executed paintings. However, in his etchings, Miles Edmund Cotman adopted the use of a much finer line which is admirably suited to the almost miniature scale of his works. His designs deal exclusively with the countryside and surrounding coastal areas of Norfolk. They represent perhaps the finest body of work to carry on the traditions of the original Norwich School. [more]