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Theodore Casimir Roussel

1847 - 1926

Parsonís Green, afternoon, end of Winter Ė The Dukeís Head by Theodore Casimir Roussel

Parsonís Green, afternoon, end of Winter Ė The Dukeís Head   1906

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Hausberg 70 xvi/xvi
S 195 x 224 mm (including tab); P & I 190 x 224 mm
Outstanding proof impression inked and printed with the exceptional care which so distinguishes the finest of Theodore Rousselís proofs. Signed in pencil on the tab in Theodore Rousselís characteristic manner. A particularly beautiful example of this elaborate work with exceptional tonal variation. One of about 30 impressions in the completed state of the plate (Hausberg records that approximately 60 impressions, in total, were printed from this plate).

The finest of Theodore Casimir Rousselís etchings of Fulham, this splendid topographical view shows The Dukeís Head public house (now called The Duke of Cumberland), which still stands just across the Green from T.C.Rousselís home of Belfield House, on Parsonís Green. In this etching Roussel has intentionally exaggerated the proportions of the building vertically so that the pub appears more imposing in the finished composition.

Theodore Casimir Roussel lived at Belfield House from 1891 until 1914 Ė the house still stands, now as Lady Margaretís School.

Theodore Roussel was much influenced by Whistler in his printmaking and took to trimming his proofs to the platemark, leaving a tab for the signature, in the Masterís manner. This excellent proof impression has been signed in pencil on the tab accordingly. On fine cream laid paper, in very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.