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Winifred Austen

1876 – 1964

The Dormouse by Winifred Austen

The Dormouse   1908

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Austen 8 (Bookman’s Journal Vol.15)
S 189 x 348 mm; P & I 137 x 278 mm
Original Winifred Austen etching.

Superb impression, printed with considerable plate tone – the artist’s own personal exhibition proof, aside from the only published edition of 50 proofs.

The intricate workmanship of this etching shows the fastidious care which Winifred Austen would lavish upon every aspect of her plates in order to achieve the varied textures of the animals and habitats portrayed.

On very fine simile japan paper, with margins. Very fine condition.