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William Holman Hunt

1827 – 1910

Eliezer and Rebekah at the Well by William Holman Hunt

Eliezer and Rebekah at the Well   1863

  Wood engraving by the brothers Dalziel.
With Hunt’s monogram in the block.
Ref: Walker Art Gallery Exhibition Catalogue no.80.
S 213 x 171 mm; I 179 x 137 mm
Burnished proof wood engraving on India paper, engraved by the brothers Dalziel for their Bible Gallery. This early proof impression will have been printed some considerable time before the normal publication of this block by George Routledge & Sons in 1881. This was the sole work which William Holman Hunt contributed to this particular project.

Abraham had sent his servant Eliezer to look for a suitable bride for his son Isaac. Upon reaching Nahor in Chaldea, Eliezer prayed that whoever gave his camels water at the well would be the eligible woman. At the well he met Rebekah – this image shows the moment at which she offers to let him drink from her jar.

On fine India paper with margins. Excellent original condition.