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Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

1796 – 1875

Paysage d’Italie by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

Paysage d’Italie   1866

  Original etching.
Ref: Melot 7
S 355 x 499 mm; P 157 x 234 mm; I 148 x 231 mm
Original J.B. Corot etching.

Very good impression after the lettering had been removed, with the random vertical line in the sky at the left but without the needle lines going over into the lower margin.

Paysage d’Italie demonstrates perfectly the exceptional freedom of handling which Corot developed in his etchings in order to capture the freshness and spontaneity which he could achieve through the rapid manner of his pencil drawings. This beautifully animated landscape reveals, perhaps better than any other of his printed works, Corot’s inspired genius as a painter-etcher.

Paysage d’Italie was Corot’s third and last contribution to the Société des Aquafortistes.

On cream laid paper with exceptionally wide margins and deckle edge. Very fine condition.