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Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

1796 – 1875

In the Dunes: Souvenir of the Woods at The Hague by Jean-Baptiste Camille Corot

In the Dunes: Souvenir of the Woods at The Hague   1869

  Original etching.
Signed in the plate.
Ref: Melot 9 i-ii/ii
S 143 x 217 mm; P 128 x 198 mm; I 119 x 192 mm
Original J.B. Corot etching.

Exceptionally rare early proof between Melot’s first and second states of the plate, prior to all lettering.

Superb impression printed on chine volant, with the title space completely unlettered, save for the artist’s etched signature. A particularly fine proof impression printed with considerable plate tone.

Melot notes that only “a few pre-lettering proofs” were printed and that according to Le Garrec (in 1921) only four such impressions were known to exist.

In this state of the plate the asterisk or star shape which Melot mentions being added to the upper left has appeared at the extreme upper right corner of the image (having been added to the upper left of the plate); however, the plate remains entirely unlettered, save for Corot’s etched signature. Melot notes that Corot was given assistance by Félix Bracquemond in biting and printing trial proofs of this plate.

A particularly clear proof impression printed with considerable plate tone on fine chine volant, aside from the normal issue printed on vergé (laid paper) for publication by Alphonse Lemerre in Sonnets et eaux-fortes in 1869. It is possible that this impression was a test printing on chine volant just prior to the published issue, as Melot notes the existence of “2 or 3 copies on vellum paper, plus a few on China paper, appliqué or volant, in black or bistre”.

This etching was designed to accompany a poem by André Lemoyne, entitled Paysage Normand, selected by Philippe Burty for Sonnets et eaux-fortes.

On fine chine volant, with margins. Very fine condition.