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Charles Francois Daubigny

1817 - 1878

Le Gué by Charles Francois Daubigny

Le Gué   1865

  Original etching with drypoint.
With the artist’s name in the plate.
Ref: Delteil 118 v/v; Melot 118 v/v
S 416 x 544 mm; P 308 x 379 mm; I 254 x 340 mm
Original C.F. Daubigny etching with drypoint.

Excellent impression with strong etched line and luminous effect, as published by the Chalcographie du Louvre.

The large plate of Le Gué is the most famous of C.F. Daubigny’s later etchings. A masterpiece of plein air art, it displays the artist’s overriding interest in the depiction of the dramatic effects of natural light at specific times of day. In this work the light of the setting sun illuminates the horizon, reflecting on the still waters beyond the herd of bulls. The apparent intensity of the light has been accentuated by the artist’s skilful use of partial silhouette. One of C.F. Daubigny’s finest plates, Le Gué is a truly impressive achievement of creative etching.

On cream wove paper, with full margins. Some soiling in outer margins, otherwise very good condition. Image surface excellent.