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Ernest Stephen Lumsden

1883 - 1948

The Castle Rock, No.2 (Edinburgh) by Ernest Stephen Lumsden

The Castle Rock, No.2 (Edinburgh)   1909

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Lumsden 71
S 250 x 181 mm; P & I  216 x 153 mm
Very rare – one of only 7 proofs ever printed from this plate. Very fine, delicate impression, printed in brown ink by the artist himself.

This unusual prospect of the heart of Edinburgh shows a view along the railway lines towards the main station with the familiar buildings of the city prominent against the skyline. Only a glimpse of the castle battlements can be seen at the extreme upper right corner of the image, atop the rocky mound.

Ernest Stephen Lumsden was a Scot by descent and adoption, though not by birth, and Edinburgh was his home town. Long before he began his extensive travels to India and beyond, E.S.Lumsden had established himself as one of the rising stars of the Etching Revival through highly accomplished works of his local Scottish landscape. Lumsden made three very different etched studies of Edinburgh Castle at this time: one is an archetypal distant view; another is taken from a viewpoint standing part way up the Castle Rock itself with Edinburgh Castle just visible at the upper left of the plate; and this etching – of the Castle Rock with the city of Edinburgh seen in partial view to one side.

On simile Japan paper with margins. Very fine condition.