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James McBey

1883 - 1959

The Riva at Dusk by James McBey

The Riva at Dusk   1930

  Original drypoint.
Signed and numbered in ink.
Ref: Hardie/Carter 253
S 441 x 289 mm; P & I 404 x 237 mm
Excellent impression from the only edition of 80 signed and numbered proofs.

Based upon a sketch made in Venice during the autumn of 1925, this is the third and only published drypoint version of a subject originally entitled Café Chioggia. The first two drypoints were abandoned after only a few trial proofs had been pulled and the subjects were never fully completed. This, the published version, is by far the most successful of these compositions and is one of James McBey’s few Venice subjects not directly concerned with the gondolas and waterways of the city.

The Venetian plates of James McBey stand as the masterpieces of his printed work and remain amongst the most sought after works of the British Etching Revival.

On cream laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very faintest suggestion of mat line in outer margins, otherwise very fine original condition.