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May Tremel

1882 - 1963

The Old Willow Trees by May Tremel

The Old Willow Trees   c.1926

  Original drypoint.
Signed in pencil.
S 251 x 338 mm; P & I 166 x 227 mm
Very good proof impression with rich burr to the drypoint lines.

The Old Willow Trees, with its scene of two children fishing in a small stream, typifies the realistic naturalism of May Tremel’s printed works, having been drawn directly onto the plate from nature. This direct approach, without the need for a preparatory drawing, accords with the practises of Sir Frank Short, from whom May Tremel had learned the techniques of printmaking. This beautifully balanced composition is drawn with the assured confidence which is apparent throughout May Tremel’s etchings and drypoints.

This drypoint was made on zinc, a metal which May Tremel used for almost half of her known printed works.

On fine simile Japan paper with full margins, generally very good original condition.