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William Walcot

1874 – 1943

The Temple of Baal by William Walcot

The Temple of Baal   1918

  Original etching with drypoint and aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Dickins 51
S 348 x 520 mm; P 219 x 298 mm; I 208 x 288 mm
Very fine signed proof impression printed with plate tone. From the only edition.

William Walcot’s visions of ancient or legendary architecture, such as this, do not suppose to be essays in exact archaeology. Rather, they attempt to bring back to life great epochs in history, the artist designing the architecture in its original beauty as perceived in his mind’s eye.

In this inspired architectural fantasy the artist has made strangely effective use of “foul-bite” to create the appearance of exotic gardens in front of the vast temple. William Walcot employed a large variety of unconventional techniques of this kind and was even known to dab patches of acid onto the ungrounded plate, leaving them just long enough to work his will. Whilst to many the delicacy of William Walcot’s pure line is his greatest appeal, atmospheric effect was one of the artist’s primary aims.

On pale cream wove paper, watermarked U.G&S. 310, with full margins and deckle edge. William Walcot’s red stock number stamped in outer margin verso. Generally very good original condition. Image surface excellent.