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Ernest Stephen Lumsden

1883 - 1948

Entrance to the Altar of Heaven by Ernest Stephen Lumsden

Entrance to the Altar of Heaven   1911

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Lumsden 114
S 188 x 248 mm; P & I 177 x 229 mm
Very fine signed proof impression printed with delicate plate tone. From the only edition of 50 signed proofs.

Entrance to the Altar of Heaven is one of only six original etchings of China which E.S.Lumsden made on his first trip to the orient in 1910. He had travelled first to Canada in pursuit of the girl who was later to become his wife, the artist Mabel Royds. Royds was committed to her new post as an art teacher in Toronto, so E.S.Lumsden decided to voyage from Canada across the Pacific to Tokyo, travelling on to Korea, across China, and eventually returning to Edinburgh via the Trans-Siberian Railway. The fourteen individual plates which resulted from this Asian journey were loosely classed by Malcolm Salaman as E.S.Lumsden’s ‘Far East Set’.

Entrance to the Altar of Heaven is an outstanding example of E.S.Lumsden’s ability to use minimal etched line and carefully controlled biting to create an expansive yet delicate composition with remarkable sense of recession.

On fine simile Japan paper with wirelines, with full margins. Traces of two vertical creases in sheet, otherwise very fine condition.