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Eleanor Mary Hughes

1882 – 1959

[A Church in Cornwall] by Eleanor Mary Hughes

[A Church in Cornwall]  

  Original etching.
Inscribed in pencil and signed with the artist’s signature stamp.
S 234 x 316 mm; P & I 158 x 213 mm
Original Eleanor Hughes etching.

Unique working proof impression, extensively inscribed with pencil notes by the artist.

The unusual viewpoint of this etching, with its partially occluded view, is indicative of Eleanor Hughes’ individuality. A lesser artist would have depicted a typical view of the church in its rural setting. Eleanor Hughes gives us only glimpses of the church itself, choosing instead the limbs of the foreground trees as the subject of her work; the building beyond becoming entirely subsidiary.

On cream laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine original condition.