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Félicien Rops

1833 – 1898

Satan créant les monstres by Félicien Rops

Satan créant les monstres  

  Original soft ground etching over heliogravure base.
Ref: Exsteens 788; Rouir 715 ii/ii
S 371 x 540 mm; P 187 x 239 mm; I 133 x 197 mm
£875 - available for institutional purchase only
Extremely rare. Outstanding early proof impression printed with considerable ink to produce a rich dark background tone.

One of two rare plates intended for Les Sataniques but never released.
In a uncommon example of restraint, Felicien Rops replaced this image upon public release of his set, substituting his rather more discreet interpretation of the same concept entitled Satan semant l’ivraie.

The Sataniques suite of five images is considered the most comprehensive Symbolist statement by Félicien Rops. In these images Felicien Rops was free to create his own monstrous world, unencumbered by the existing text of another author. The result was a dark and intense series of works celebrating (in the words of Huysmans) “that spiritualism of lust that is Satanism”, combining sacrifice and sacrilege, to create an entirely new imagery of enduring power.

From the collection of Alfred Barrion and with his “AB” collectors’ stamp at the extreme upper right corner of the sheet. Rouir describes Barrion’s collection as “Collection exceptionnelle d’estampes du XIXe siècle. Vente à Paris le 24 mai 1904” (vol 2, p.76, stamp no.2).

On cream laid Van Gelder paper with unusually large full margins and deckle edge. Very fine condition.