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Félicien Rops

1833 – 1898

L’Amour Dominant Le Monde / L’Amour à travers les âges by Félicien Rops

L’Amour Dominant Le Monde / L’Amour à travers les âges  

  Heliogravure, re-worked with etching.
Ref: Exsteens 444/962; Rouir’s cataloguing of this plate is deficient and inaccurate.
S 483 x 316 mm; P 388 x 261 mm; I 314 x 208 mm
Very good early impression of the re-worked heliogravure with the remarque of Cupid offering a bouquet of flowers. In this state, the etched work is still clear, the surface of the image covers 314 x 208 and the plate remains unlettered.

Félicien Rops was a great experimenter, combining both original and reproductive printmaking techniques in the search for the perfect expression of his intended printed image. Often he would make a heliogravure plate from a drawing or from an impression taken from an original etched plate; he would then re-work the heliogravure plate with etching or whatever original printmaking technique he felt appropriate and then take another impression. Some of his plates were built up of multiple experiments in this manner, making the creation of a definitive catalogue raisonné all but impossible. This particular impression is from a heliogravure plate which has been extensively re-worked by Felicien Rops with original etching.

On smooth cream simile Japan paper with full margins. Some creasing in outer margin towards lower corners of sheet, otherwise very good original condition.