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Blair Hughes-Stanton

1902 - 1981

Son of Man by Blair Hughes-Stanton

Son of Man   1932

  Original wood engraving.
Signed and numbered in pencil.
Hughes-Stanton 14
S 294 x 174; I 190 x 127 mm
Original Blair Hughes-Stanton wood engraving.

Very rare – one of only 12 signed proofs to have been printed from this block.

A particularly fine proof impression of this brilliant wood engraving, hand-burnished and printed by the artist himself. Designed for Blair Hughes-Stanton’s most important work – his series of forty-one wood engravings for The Revelation of Saint John the Divine, to be published by the Gregynog Press in 1933. Blair Hughes-Stanton had become Director of the Gregynog Press in the preceding year and was personally involved in every aspect of the final book’s design. The book was strictly limited to 250 copies. Artist’s proofs of Hughes-Stanton’s wood engravings for this work, prior to the published book edition, are now extremely rare.

Technically Blair Hughes-Stanton was one of the most skilled of the 20th century wood engravers. A superb draughtsman, he developed an exceptionally fine white line technique which was so intricate that the best of his work could not be reproduced effectively in commercial printing. Carefully printed by the artist himself, this rare proof impression is an excellent example of his meticulous craftsmanship.

This highly symbolic work displays Blair Hughes-Stanton’s characteristic style of portraying a figure which appears to be encapsulated in a surrounding aura. It is a device which has allowed the artist to encircle his central subject with various related motifs without disturbing the focus of his design.

On smooth simile Japan paper with full margins. Very fine original condition.