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Henry Ninham

1796 – 1874

Recollections of the Bure by Henry Ninham

Recollections of the Bure   c.1830-40

  Original etching.
Ref: Bolingbroke 20
S, P & I 45 x 80 mm
Lifetime proof impression, prior to the only published edition. The later, published version of this soft ground etching was issued posthumously in Fifteen Etchings by the late Henry Ninham in 1875. The introduction to the 1875 volume provides the following information: “the fifteen small etchings, the subjects of which are enumerated on the following page, were executed by him between the years 1830 and 1840, when a few impressions only were distributed amongst his immediate friends.”

Excellent proof impression, printed with plate tone. On fine India-style paper, trimmed on the platemark, as prepared by the artist. Very fine original condition.