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Leonard Griffiths Brammer


Wedgwood Etruria, the Flint Kiln and Mill by Leonard Griffiths Brammer

Wedgwood Etruria, the Flint Kiln and Mill  

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
S 218 x 297 mm; P & I 150 x 200 mm
Original etching by Leonard Brammer.

Very good signed proof impession from the only edition.

Flint was needed as an alternative source of silica from sand when the market demanded whiter wares. From about 1720 it was used with local white clays as a slip coating a red clay vessel. The flint first had to be calcinated in a flint kiln, of the type seen in this etching, where it was layered with coal and heated to about 1100°C. It could then be ground down.

Warm white laid paper, watermarked T H Saunders, with full margins. very good condition.