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Frederick Carter

1883 - 1967

Youth and Age (The Wandering Jew) by Frederick Carter

Youth and Age (The Wandering Jew)   1928

  Original etching with drypoint.
Signed, titled and numbered in pencil.
Ref: Clark 71
S 334 x 266 mm; P 250 x 182 mm; I 246 x 179 mm
Original Fredrick Carter etching with drypoint.

Very good strong impression from the only edition of 25 signed and numbered proofs.

One of the series of allegorical etchings which Frederick Carter termed his “Wandering Jew Suite”, Youth and Age is a fine example of the symbolic nature of much of the artist's work. The Wandering Jew was more of a continuing theme throughout Carter's work than a single suite of images, and the character of the old Jew condemned to wander the world for eternity appeared in a number of his etchings for over a decade. In this design the distant Jew represents Age, which is also reflected in the crumbling background architecture. In contrast, the group of nymphs and the lush vegetation of the foreground symbolise all that is youthful.

Frederick Carter’s alternative title for this work was Foro Romano or Roman Fantasy. According to legend, the Wandering Jew had been condemned to his lonely fate for mocking Christ on the day of the Crucifixion. The eponymous figure is often taken to symbolise the exiled nation of Israel, condemned to roam the world forever, never to settle or find home.

On warm white wove paper with full margins and deckle-edge. Very fine condition.