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Robin Tanner

1904 - 1988

Wiltshire Roadmaker by Robin Tanner

Wiltshire Roadmaker   1928/1974

  Original etching.
Signed and numbered in pencil.
Ref: Garton 6 iv/iv
S 226 x 262 mm; P & I 100 x 150 mm
Original Robin Tanner etching.

Excellent, strong impression from the first edition to be published of the completed plate.

This formative early etching, along with Homealong and Wiltshire Roadmaker (first version), was one of three plates of the same composition; however, this plate was the only version of the composition ever to be published. These three etchings of the crossroads by an ancient barn in Wiltshire form the basis and true starting point of Robin Tanner’s pastoral vision.

The plate was published in the unfinished 3rd state in 1928, in which the sky was quite different and in which water can be seen at the foot of the tree. Tanner returned to the plate in 1971-1974, completely re-biting the sky and redesigning the area at the foot of the tree, removing a sickle-shaped stretch of water which was formerly indicated in the ditch at this point. The plate was finally completed and first published in its finished form in 1974 in an edition of 50 signed proofs published by the Penn Print Room (the present impression is from this edition). A subsequent edition of 12 impressions was published by Garton & Cooke in 1984.

On cream laid paper with wide margins. Very good original condition. Image surface excellent.