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Theodore Casimir Roussel

1847 - 1926

Chelsea Regatta by Theodore Casimir Roussel

Chelsea Regatta   1888-9

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil on the tab.
Ref: Roussel & Mackay 7; Hausberg 15
S, P & I 81 x 121 mm (excluding tab)
Excellent signed proof impression, richly printed with strong, clear etched line. A proof from the only edition of about 40 impressions, printed by the artist himself.

A number of years after his arrival in England, Roussel set up a studio in Chelsea where he produced some of the most poetic topographical etchings and drypoints of the area. Chelsea Regatta is amongst the best known of these splendid works and is an etching in which Roussel struck out in a style of his own; it represents a distinct break from Whistler's influence. Highly personal and individual in its nature, it shows the delight which Roussel found in portraying the lively side of Chelsea and its children (Hausberg suggests that the three children depicted in this image may be Roussel's own). This animated work possesses a delightful humour, both freshly observed and deftly wrought.

This brilliant proof impression, printed by the artist himself, reflects the extraordinary personal attention which Roussel devoted to obtaining perfection in printing his plates.

Whistler’s influence on Theodore Roussel’s printmaking is apparent in one respect with regard to this proof - Roussel had taken to trimming his proofs to the platemark, leaving a tab for the signature, in the Master’s manner. This excellent proof impression has been prepared accordingly and signed in pencil on the tab.

On fine laid paper, trimmed to the platemark with a tab for the pencil signature, as prepared by the artist himself. Excellent condition.