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Edmund Blampied

1886 - 1966

The Bullock Haycart by Edmund Blampied

The Bullock Haycart   1914

  Original etching.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Appleby 34
S 226 x 278 mm; P & I 102 x 153 mm
Original Edmund Blampied etching.

Rare – trial proof inscribed by Edmund Blampied “The bullock haycart. Twelve impressions only. March 1914”. “No.52”.

This is the very proof impression which Edmund Blampied chose for display at the first ever exhibition of his etched works in 1914 and is numbered in pencil by the artist with the exhibition number “No.52” at the lower left corner of the sheet.

Trial proof printed under unusually high pressure to show every aspect of the fine detail on the etched plate. The pressure of printing has resulted in a particularly pronounced platemark and notable clarity of line.

The Bullock Haycart is one of the rare etchings shown at the first exhibition to feature any of Edmund Blampied’s etched works. The exhibition, held in the Spring of 1914, was organised to show the work of students at the London County Council Art School at Bolt Court, which Blampied attended, and where he is thought to have learnt the technique of etching. This proof impression of The Bullock Haycart was shown as item no.52 in the exhibition and with the title An Ox-cart in the catalogue.

On heavy ‘plate’ paper on the sort used for early trial proof printings . This form of paper is usually chosen for its ability to withstand exceptionally heavy printing pressure and thus show in detail how the work is progressing. The pronounced platemark found on this proof impression corresponds with the great pressure used on the earliest pulls and has resulted in very fine cracking in places along the platemark and a printing crease in the lower margin of the sheet. Some mild time toning, old hinges verso, otherwise generally good original condition. An exception early item by Edmund Blampied.