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Sir Lionel Arthur Lindsay

1874 - 1961

Ancient Doorway, Burgos by Lionel Arthur Lindsay

Ancient Doorway, Burgos   1929

  Original drypoint.
Signed and numbered with the edition size in pencil.
S 306 x 241 mm; P & I 203 x 175 mm
Beautiful, rich impression with fresh drypoint burr, from the only edition of 100 signed and numbered proofs.

Burgos is now one of the largest towns in northern Spain, but here it is seen in quieter times, when the mule was the sole means of transport. Lionel Lindsay would travel through the towns and countryside on a mule, making factual sketches as unobtrusively as was possible in order to capture the true spirit of rural Spain. Lionel Lindsay justified his constant inclusion of this humble beast in his Spanish views with a quote from Azorin “The mule is something typical, consubstantial with Spain, and we cannot conceive the Spanish landscape without it”.

On pale cream wove paper with full margins and deckle edge. Generally very fine condition. Image surface excellent.