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Julius Komjáti

1894 - 1958

The Sleeping Shepherd by Julius Komjáti

The Sleeping Shepherd   1926

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
S 135 x 194 mm; P & I 87 x 136 mm
Original Julius Komjati etching.

Very good, strong impression from the only edition of 75 signed and numbered proofs.

The Sleeping Shepherd was one of the etched plates which Julius Komjáti brought with him from his native Hungary. Nine of these were published in editions of 75 signed impressions by H.C. Dickins in 1928.

The most sought after and one of the most touching of all of Julius Komjáti’s prints, The Sleeping Shepherd prompted the great art critic Malcolm Salaman to remark “I doubt if sleep has ever found more truthful expression in graphic art”. A masterpiece in its own right, this image evokes the spirit of peasant life in Hungary – a sadness prevails throughout this touching scene which is characteristic of the artist’s work.

Signed with the artist’s early signature “J. Komjáty”, he later changed this to end his name with an “i” – his name is normally shown without the accent as "Julius Komjati" in English publications.

On antique laid paper with full margins and deckle edge. Mild foxing in margins of sheet, otherwise very good original condition.