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Randolphe Schwabe

1885 - 1948

Francis Dodd by Randolphe Schwabe

Francis Dodd   1916

  Original drypoint.
Signed and dated in the plate.
Ref: Clarke, Randolph Schwabe, Bristol, Sansom & Co., Bristol, 2012, p.75.
S 498 x 359 mm; P & I 330 x 254 mm
Superb artistís proof impression of the freshly completed image, aside from the normal published edition. In this impression the drypoint shading missing from the lapels of the artistís jacket and elsewhere (in the previous state) has been added and the image has been completed to the artistís satisfaction. In this exceptionally early proof, the fresh drypoint burr is exceptionally rich and strong.

Francis Dodd and Randolphe Schwabe sat for one another, the fellow artists each making a drypoint portrait of the other in turn.

On soft Japan-style paper, with full margins. Slight grime in outer margins, otherwise very good original condition.