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Robin Tanner

1904 - 1988

Homealong by Robin Tanner

Homealong   1926

  Original etching.
Signed with the artist’s estate stamp.
Ref: Garton 4 ii/ii
S 195 x 282 mm; P & I 101 x 149 mm
Original Robin Tanner etching.

Extremely rare unpublished early etching by Tanner.

Superb trial proof impression
, inscribed in Robin Garton’s handwriting in the lower margin “Robin Tanner printed this proof circa 1928” and with the artist’s estate stamp ‘R.T.’.

“A beautiful and Romantic dream” of English landscape by one of the great masters of British etching. This formative early etching was to provide the basis for two subsequent plates of the same composition, Wiltshire Roadmaker (first version) and Wiltshire Roadmaker, only the latter of which was published. These prints form the basis and true starting point of Robin Tanner’s pastoral vision.

This etching was made in 1926, not 1927 as often stated, as we have had an impression which was inscribed in pencil by the artist “Homealong. Robin Tanner. Fec. Et Imp. XXVI. WILTSHIRE” (now in a U.K. private collection).

After Robin Tanner’s death the artist’s widow transferred control of all of the residual artistic estate into the hands of Robin Garton who had the ‘R.T.’ stamp made as an estate stamp for all of the unsigned proofs remaining from the artist’s studio. Robin Garton had known Robin Tanner personally for some years and had been the publisher of many of the artist’s works. Garton notes of the plate of Homealong that “Only a few impressions were taken for friends” (Robin Tanner, The Etchings, p.21). There is no record of the plate after about 1928 and it was never re-printed after that date.

Apparently, Robin Tanner tried to suppress the print of Homealong after the publication of the more developed version of the composition Wiltshire Roadmaker (Garton 6) in 1928, with the result that proofs of Homealong are now exceedingly rare.

On cream wove paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.