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Stephen F. Gooden

1892 – 1955

The Rider on the Lion by Stephen F. Gooden

The Rider on the Lion   1924

  Original line engraving.
Signed and dated in pencil.
Campbell Dodgson 5 iii/iii
S 301 x 250 mm; P & I 154 mm diameter.
Original Stephen Gooden line engraving.

Very fine impression from the only edition of 100 signed proofs. This remarkable work was Stephen Gooden’s first engraving to be published as an independent plate.

A superb example of Stephen Gooden’s highly finished line engraving technique, The Rider on the Lion is one of the artist’s four largest independent plates. The meticulous handling of Stephen Gooden’s works moved the famous print connoisseur Campbell Dodgson to write: “Rare in these days of haste and impatience, in which the slow achievement of perfection in any branch of art is out of fashion, is the diligent craftsmanship which has produced (these) exquisite engravings...”.

This engraving inspired the poem entitled “The Trumpeter of St George”, by G. Rostrevor Hamilton, published in 1941. The verses of the poem regard the interpretation of this image as ‘the mouthpiece of England at war’. Published by the Royal Society of St George, it was intended as a rallying cry to preserve and guard “the England that we love”.

On cream laid paper with full margins. Very fine original condition.