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Stephen F. Gooden

1892 – 1955

The Flight into Egypt - The New Testament Headpiece by Stephen F. Gooden

The Flight into Egypt - The New Testament Headpiece   1927

  Original line engraving.
Signed, dated and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Campbell Dodgson 45 iv/iv
S 174 x 233 mm; P & I 56 x 135 mm
Original Stephen Gooden line engraving.

Superb signed presentation proof impression prior to the only published edition. Signed and inscribed in pencil by the artist "To Dick".

This original engraving was designed as the headpiece for the most significant project which Stephen Gooden had yet undertaken - the commission to provide all of the engraved illustrations for the magnificent five volume Nonesuch Press Bible. Engraved over a period of four years, between 1924 and 1927, Stephen Gooden produced an engraved title page, a headpiece, and a tailpiece for each of the five volumes; fifteen engravings in total. A single edition of 12 signed and numbered proofs was printed from each plate before they were steel faced and used in production of the book itself. The presentation proof offered here is one of the rare proofs printed by Gooden himself, prior to the numbered edition of 12, retained by the artist for his own collection or for presentation to his friends.

The Nonesuch Press was the leading private press in England at the time, producing beautifully designed volumes containing some of the finest illustrative artworks created during this period. The Nonesuch Press Bible was the largest undertaking which this private press had produced and was a magnificent vellum bound, five volume work. For Gooden to be invited to produce the complete illustrations for such a significant production was an honour in itself, marking him out as the leading exponent of line engraving at the time.

On cream laid paper with full margins. Pronounced time tone verso producing mottled discolouration recto, otherwise very good original condition.