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John Bulloch Souter

1890 - 1972

Hirplin’ Kate by John Bulloch Souter

Hirplin’ Kate   c.1927

  Original etching.
Signed and titled in pencil.
S 118 x 91 mm; P & I 88 x 63 mm
Very good signed proof impression printed with considerable plate tone. Scarce.

This searching etched study of an elderly lady shows the unusual drawing style which J.B.Souter employed when modelling facial features for a portrait. Unlike the carefully planned crossed hatching of so many etchers, J.B.Souter’s line appears to meander with an extraordinary, almost random, freedom. Yet, the end result is to create an appearance of sculpturesque modelling, which is both effective and distinct. The name of J.B.Souter’s sitter for this portrait is derived from the limping gait with which she walked.

On smooth simile Japan paper, with margins. Faint suggestion of time tone, otherwise very good original condition. Image surface, excellent.