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William Washington

1885 - 1956

Clocks to Mend by William Washington

Clocks to Mend   1930

  Original line engraving.
Signed in pencil.
S 417 x 308 mm; P 276 x 233 mm; I 264 x 225 mm
Brilliant, crisp proof impression with sparkling line. From the only edition of about 85 signed proofs.

The skilful and meticulous craftsmanship of William Washington’s fine line engravings, such as Clocks to Mend, equals that of his greatest contemporaries. However, William Washington’s works excel through the humitily with which they depict their subjects and through their unique period flavour.

Clocks to Mend is one of the largest and most elaborate of William Washington’s brilliant portrait studies of craftsmen engaged in their trade. Carefully observed and skilfully executed, this masterly line engraving has captured every contour, fold and texture found throughout this complex image. Even the wood grain in the background panelling has been delineated with incredible care. Aside from his pencil signature, the artist has included his own name and the date of this work in his usual fastidious manner – engraved upon the face of the clock within the image, in the place normally reserved for the name of the clock’s manufacturer.

On cream laid paper, with the unicorn watermark, with wide margins and deckle edge. Very fine condition. Image surface excellent.