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Robert Sargent Austin

1895 – 1973

Two Lambs by Robert Sargent Austin

Two Lambs   1946

  Original line engraving.
Signed and dated in pencil.
Ref: Post Campbell Dodgson 135
S 203 x 153 mm; P & I 109 x 87 mm
Original R.S. Austin line engraving.

Excellent signed proof impression from the only edition.

One of the very few printed works which Robert Sargent Austin produced immediately after the Second World War. The war had effectively halted his printmaking activities and the Royal College of Art, at which he taught, had been evacuated to the Lake District in the North of England. It was here, where sheep farming was profuse, that R.S. Austin made the initial sketches of lambs from which this engraving was derived.

On cream laid paper with wide margins. Very good original condition.