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Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

1890 - 1978

Ranunculus by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

Ranunculus   1921

  Original etching.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Wright 25 iv/iv; Fletcher 25
S 321 x 255 mm; P & I 201 x 151 mm
Original G.L.Brockhurst etching.

Excellent signed proof impression with exceptional tonal range. From the only published edition of 76 signed proofs in the completed state of the plate.

Ranunculus is considered to be the finest of G.L. Brockhurst’s early portrait etchings. This was to be the first etching in which Brockhurst was to use a heavily worked black background to emphasise the contrasts and sculpturesque qualities of his subject; however, the last echoes of the Pre-Raphaelite traditions which Brockhurst had inherited from his training at Birmingham School of Art are strikingly evident.

This etching derives its name from the delicately worked wild flower which Brockhurst’s wife Anaïs is seen holding to her breast. Anaïs was to remain her husband’s most constant and characteristic model until their divorce in 1940.

On cream wove paper with full margins and deckle edge. Very fine original condition, with the artist’s ink fingerprints in the extreme outer margins of the sheet. Image surface excellent.