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Ernest Stephen Lumsden

1883 - 1948

The Great Steps (Benares) by Ernest Stephen Lumsden

The Great Steps (Benares)   1925

  Original etching.
Signed and numbered in ink.
Ref: Lumsden 296 iii/iii
S 229 x 416 mm; P & I 189 x 353 mm
Excellent, strong impression printed with delicate plate tone. From the only edition of 60 signed and numbered proofs, printed by the artist himself (62 in total).

The Great Steps (Benares) is one of the finest of E.S.Lumsden’s etched views along the Ganges. The Holy City of Benares and the sacred River Ganges had long provided the inspiration for E.S.Lumsden’s finest etched works. Lumsden himself wrote “The longer one lives in Benares, the less the mere architecture seems to count and the more the wonderful spirit of the place grips”.

It was particularly the spirit of the sacred river itself which began to take hold. Here, the faithful of India would come to offer prayers and wash away their sins and here it was that E.S.Lumsden found fulfilment as an artist; though his greatest Ganges etchings were only achieved after several years of reflection in works such as The Great Steps, completed in 1925. This work represents the culmination of E.S.Lumsden’s art, reflecting a lifetime of experience as an exceptionally talented etcher.

On cream laid John Dickinson & Co paper, with margins. Evidence of previous mounting at extreme edge of sheet verso, otherwise very fine original condition. Image surface excellent.