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Elyse Ashe Lord

1900 - 1971

Javanese Puppet by Elyse Ashe Lord

Javanese Puppet   c.1926

  Original pencil drawing, together with three original drypoints (one of which has additional colour wood block printing).
Variously signed and inscribed in pencil.
Sheet sizes vary; P 209 x 99 mm; I 201 x 91 mm
Unique series of progressive states from the original pencil drawing, through the first black ink proof from the drypoint plate, to the trial sanguine ink proof, and finally the multiple printed proof using the pink, green, orange, and yellow colour wood blocks.

Elyse Lord developed her unique artistic style exclusively around oriental subject matter. Her art was inspired by both Chinese art and various aspects of oriental culture. Although E.A.Lord never actually travelled to China, she used Chinese paintings, embroideries and wall hangings, together with objects from surrounding Eastern countries, as the sources for her images. The highly individual style which she created reflects both this source material and the influences of Art Deco and early 1920’s fashion.

In particular, Elyse Lord is unusual in combining the technique of drypoint with woodcut colour printing. She uses the drypoint design almost as the Japanese would have used a key block in multiple block colour printing. The colours would then be added by over-printing the drypoint design using colour-inked wood blocks, precisely as displayed by this unique series of progressive proofs. Elyse Lord would always supervise the difficult process of printing her plates and blocks, in person.

The final colour proof in this series is signed twice in pencil and inscribed in pencil by the artist “Yellow book. Javanese puppet. S. Ken. V&A”.

All sheets have margins as prepared by the artist herself. All are in generally very fine original condition.