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Elyse Ashe Lord

1900 - 1971

[Vase of Flowers] by Elyse Ashe Lord

[Vase of Flowers]   c.1935

  Original colour drypoint.
Signed and numbered in pencil.
S 530 x 392 mm; P 430 x 302 mm; I 422 x 293 mm
Excellent impression with rich burr to the drypoint line and intense colour, from the only edition of 75 signed and numbered proofs. Printed in green, red and black inks.

This colour printed drypoint is a fine example of Elyse Ashe Lord’s decorative colour prints. The initial image is composed of drypoint lines into which black printing ink is rubbed. The surface of the plate is then cleaned, except for where the grey surface tone is required. The proof is printed at one pull through the press with the colour inks added through stencils. For many years, Elyse Lord had experimented with printing colours by overprinting her drypoint or woodcut key blocks with colour woodblocks or colour areas of aquatint; however, she found these processes too demanding and eventually settled for this form of colour printed drypoint as her preferred method of printmaking.

Elyse Lord appears to have signed this particular proof twice, leaving a faint ghost of her first signature and signing again, slightly further to the right.

On fine simile-Japan paper with full margins. Generally good original condition.