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William Monk

1863 - 1937

[Gondolas – Venice] by William Monk

[Gondolas – Venice]   c.1925

  Original woodcut, printed in colours.
Signed in pencil.
S 330 x 258 mm; I 186 x 140 mm
Very rare. Signed, proof impression printed from three blocks in pink, blue and black inks.

No edition of this fine Venetian colour print by William Monk is known.

It seems likely in view of the extreme scarcity of William Monk’s colour prints that these works were made for the artist’s own interest in relation to his membership of the various colour print clubs. This would seem especially likely, since in his other printmaking activities, as an etcher, William Monk was an extremely active marketeer, establishing The London Almanac in 1903 to issue his London etchings and associated Calendarium annually, and ensuring that the Calendarium appeared on the cover wrapper of Fine Prints of the Year for each and every issue.

On smooth simile Japan paper, with full margins. Faint time tone in margin within mat window area, otherwise very good original condition.