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Frederick George Austin

1902 – 1990

The Two Bridges by Frederick George Austin

The Two Bridges   1927

  Original line engraving
Signed in pencil.
S 173 x 197 mm; P & I 88 x 120 mm
Original Frederick Austin line engraving.

Superb early proof impression, aside from the normal published edition, printed under considerable pressure on heavy ‘plate’ paper.

Engraved in the year in which Frederick Austin won the prestigious Prix de Rome for engraving, this plate shows a man fishing from the Pack Bridge at Aylestone, Leicestershire, with the adjacent canal bridge beyond. Frederick Austin’s elder brother Robert Sargent Austin also made an engraving of this same Pack Bridge near their family home but viewed from the opposite end whilst standing on the canal bridge (C.D.65).

On heavy cream plate paper with full margins. Very good condition.