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George Mackley

1900 - 1983

The Bridge of St. Boniface by George Mackley

The Bridge of St. Boniface   1969

  Original wood engraving.
Signed in pencil.
Ref: Gresham catalogue p.104
S 135 x 172 mm; I 64 x 73 mm
Excellent impression of this tiny, jewel-like work. Signed artist's proof aside from the only edition of 60 numbered impressions.

Albert Garrett, in A History of Wood Engraving, gives the following tribute to the brilliant works of George Mackley: “George Mackley is a phenomenon in British engraving. A few square centimetres of Mackley is more highly charged with aesthetic energy, emotion and precision than many artists can muster in a lifetime… He could not tolerate bad or weak craftsmanship under any circumstances… Mackley’s art will be studied for its mystery, vision and skill well into the future.” (Bloomsbury Books, London, 1986, p. 223).

The Bridge of St. Boniface represents the culmination of George Mackley’s skill as a fine white line wood engraver – for this beautiful work was to be his last wood engraving. This outstanding example of his craftsmanship demonstrates beautifully the extraordinary variety of tones which George Mackley could achieve through the skilful variation in density and balance of the finest engraved lines.

On fine Japan paper with full margins. Some creasing towards left edge of sheet in outer margin, otherwise excellent original condition.