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Edward Julius Detmold

1883 – 1957

Cockatoo by Edward Julius Detmold

Cockatoo   1924

  Original etching with aquatint.
Signed in pencil.
post Campbell Dodgson
S 440 x 307 mm; P 266 x 214 mm; I  258 x 206 mm
Original E.J. Detmold etching with aquatint.

Excellent signed proof impression from the only edition.

This brilliant portrayal of an Umbrella Cockatoo has been made into a striking print through the artist’s use of an aquatint ground, applied by the dustbox method, to produce a backdrop against which the bird stands proud. Created in 1924, Cockatoo marks a return to the favourite animal and bird subjects of E.J. Detmold’s youth. It is one of the finest of the traditional bird subjects which the artist was to produce during his richly creative period in the mid-1920’s. Unusually bold in its approach, Cockatoo shows all of the meticulous handling and outstanding draughtsmanship which had become the hallmark of E.J. Detmold’s works.

On smooth simile Japan paper, with full margins. Very good original condition.