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Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

1890 - 1978

Nadia by Gerald Leslie Brockhurst

Nadia   1921

  Original etching.
Signed and inscribed in pencil.
Ref: Wright 26 i/x; Fletcher 26 i/x
S 209 x 135 mm; P & I  139 x 112 mm
Original G.L.Brockhurst etching.

Exceptionally rare first state proof impression. One of only three proofs printed in the 1st state of the plate (72 in all). Signed and inscribed in pencil by the artist “1st state G.L.B.”. Signed a second time, verso.

Fletcher notes that during the development of this plate, Brockhurst tried three different plates, the first two of which were abandoned, unfinished.

Entirely self-taught in the art of etching, Brockhurst perfected a form of stipple-like technique through which he achieved both meticulous detail and exceptional modelling of his subjects. His natural gift for the handling of light and shade has been translated superbly to paper in this portrait of Nadia through the artist’s consummate craftsmanship as an etcher.

Very fine, early proof printing. Printed on coarse proofing paper with ragged edges and one marginal tear. Image surface very good original condition. Generally good condition for an early working proof of this nature.